Norfolk and Suffolk Golf League Rules (as amended November 2017)

1          Each club may enter one or two teams. Each team shall consist of 5 pairs. Each team will play a home and away fixture against the other teams. Matches to begin at 4.30 pm.

2          The format for the games shall be foursomes match play using a handicap allowance of 1/2 the difference in handicaps.

3          A point shall be awarded for each game won and a half point for each game finishing “all square”.

4          The Captain of the home team shall present his team list to the visiting  Captain who will arrange the pairings.

5          Players of any ACTIVE handicap are eligible to play, the maximum  handicap allowance shall be 21.

6          The minimum age for players in League matches is 16 years on the date of the match. A maximum of two 16 year olds can play in one team but not together. Penalty - loss of game by the offending side.

7          All Matches SHOULD be played and In the case of a match being abandoned: “Unless all five games have passed the 9th hole the match shall be replayed. If all five games have passed the 9th hole then the result stands as at the time of abandonment.” (Bad weather is not of itself a reason to abandon a match unless abandonment due to inclement weather is agreed by both Captains). In the event of a match not being played the team deemed to have honoured the fixture would receive a 3-0 win

8          A player having played for one of his clubs teams during the season, cannot play for his clubs other team, HOWEVER should a player change clubs he can play for his new club subject to the approval of the league secretary. A player with dual membership may only represent the first club played for that season.

9             Participation in League Matches is restricted to Amateur golfers only.

10          Only players who have played in past and present league programmes are eligible to play in the League presentation meeting and the Tony Daniels Trophy.